"because every room deserves a painting on the wall"


15.06.2019 bis 04.07.2019  Galerie Karouzou Zürich CH "Metamorphosis" 

Let’s talk about rooms


What are rooms exactly and why they are so important for us;

Rooms are our living space from the inside of buildings, flats, houses, towers, villas, castles etc.

Rooms gives us space to do whatever we want, rooms are warm… or cold when you want, rooms brings us together, rooms protect us, rooms can hide us or things,  rooms gives us a home.

And they are a lot more…….


It’s time to say thank you for all this good things they do to us. But the walls in the rooms can’t give us signs normally.

How can we say thank you?


 Its more easy then you can imagine……..

Give all the walls in the world a painting. Hang them up and watch how beautiful they are with your present. Just now you create a connection from your soul to your room. Because you gave your room something beautiful.

Now with this magic connection maybe you can hear a whisper from your room who says


“you’re welcome”


R. Rohner