Roxani Rohner

Tel. 0763939307

Roxani Rohner is a Swiss-based visual artist. Her art has been described as minimalist mixed with abstract expressionism, and she insists that each color has its own wavelength that influences human moods and behaviors. Bright colors provide Rohner with the vitality and independence she requires to continue her work. She paints on canvas or cardboard with acrylics, oils, and tempera.

« My Abstract Art represents what is felt on the inside rather than what is seen on the outside. »

The paintings of Roxani Rohner arise organically and freely. When painting, the artist is guided by the things that affect her. Overlaid layers of acrylic paint are created with brushes, spatulas, and rollers. The artist produces aesthetically pleasing, abstract creations that inspire the observer to take a moment to reflect and delve inside.