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A man jumped on his formation, which is sparse and messy. However, it is an epic, imaginative, and almost emotional shambles. He's head over heels in love with his canvas. Jackson Pollock is the name of this man.

Jackson Pollock's paintings encapsulate a pivotal period of abstract expressionism. He is the voice of this revolution, as well as the best expression of the fervent fire which creativity can arouse in an unpredictable soul.

He was born on January 28, 1912, in Cody, Wyoming, and is widely regarded as one of America's best contemporary painters and a pioneer in Abstract Expressionism. He born and raised in Arizona and California, where he studied art at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles before moving on to the Art Students League in New York to work with painter Thomas Hart Benton.

Pollock started by laying his canvas on the floor and pouring or dripping paint onto it in sections. This method allowed him to document the strength and range of his movements in oscillations of enamel or aluminum paint that "disguised" the figurative elements in his previous work.


His works were known as "drip paintings," and they offered less of an image and more of a picture of the expressive effects of the paints themselves. Despite their self-reflexive disposition, they involves even more expansive meanings. One of his classic "drip" paintings is thought to have been the world's most costly painting since being sold in America for USD 140 million by Hollywood film producer David Geffen.

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